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Make every moment a Special reason to Cheer for...

About us




 Saludcita was established in 2018 with a goal in mind: create premium customizable drinkware. Based in Santa Ana California, known for our forever Summer weather, so you can bet that you're going to need some serious drinkware that can keep your drinks ice cold.

Your drinkware can say a lot about you - especially if it's customized. It can show your support and passion for your favorite sports team, your company logo, or a nice memento of a special date. Whatever makes you happy, why not have a unique and cool drinkware that suits you.

Saludcita was founded with the desire and pride to achieve something that is truly unique and special. We personally work with you to ensure you receive your own unique and one of a kind design. It’s always great to hear from our clients that they wholeheartedly enjoy our glasses  from them being a great conversation starter to being able to look back to a memorable day.

So thanks for looking us up and we hope you enjoy the products we have to offer.

And remember, make every moment a special reason to cheer for.


Saludcita's Line


The Wine Glass



We can't forget about our ladies!

Because who doesn't love a good girls night in shared with your closest girlfriends, delicious

cheetos, and of course amazing wine!

The Pisa Glass



A one of a kind glass from Saludicita that’s sure to add style to your bar, restaurant, hotel, lounge or friends night. The Pisa Glass tilts to one side - without spilling! Can hold any beverage that is 12.25 oz.

The Mixer Glass



Crystal-clear clarity enhances your drink presentation to show off the rich colors of ales, IPAs, stouts, and lagers. Your friends will notice a difference as you serve them a refreshing michelada that looks as good as it tastes!

The Classic Mug



Saludicita presents to you our all time favorite - The Classic Mug. It's grand size of 26.5oz. will satisfy your thirst with fewer refills. Customize it with your personal touch and this piece will become your favorite go to mug!

La Copa



Here at Saludicita, we recommend you serve your finest craft beer in our Copa . It holds 20.5 oz. that is ideal from serving your favorite Michelada or a nice shrimp cocktail.

Can also be used to serve mixed cocktails and sangrias as a unique alternative to traditional glasses.

The Small Mug



Our Small mug 16 oz. is fantastic for showing off ice cold Beer! A combination of Saludicita’s Classic Mug look and strong make can match with any rustic decor. Just right for any beer fan that just wants to sip small.

The Glass Can



Saludicita adds a new and fun spin on the Glass Can. It's classic shape is a  striking look that is sure to become a hit for creative mixed drinks and draft beers. It has a crystal and durable form; made to be a crowd favorite.  

The Mason Jar



Wow your customers or friends with the classic, vintage look of these mason jar drinking glasses. This time-honored design will be sure to add charm and style to your catered event, themed party, bar, or wedding!

The Shot Glass



Throwing back a cherry bomb or a tequila shot in this classic 1.5 oz. shot glass will have your primos wanting more! Equipped with a sturdy base, your favorite shots will always stay within the glass, before you cheer of course.





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Saludcita Beer Mug
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